A New Way to Support Fellows

In the past, family and friends have found it difficult to support the projects of their Albert Schweitzer Fellows, due to Fellows Fest being held in Birmingham and Fellows being located around the state, with their supporters around the nation. This year, in addition to Fellows Fest on September 4, you can show your support for a Fellow by donating to their project online.

The 2019-20 Fellows, in fact, need $6,305 to implement their projects. This is after $1,300 of project seed funds provided by ASF of Alabama. Project needs range from food for cooking classes, to exercise equipment, to application fees for college-bound youth. Below, you will find details of their budgets – thanks for considering giving your support!

ASF Project Budgets- 2019

Autumn Beavers

Description Amount
Educational Materials     School supplies  $50
Misc.    20 CPR Certification cards (@$10)  $200
Total $250
Income: ASF project funds ($100)
Project Funds Needed $150

Domecia Brown

Health screening supplies (e.g., glucose monitoring system; lancets;
test strips; manual blood pressure monitor)
Lifestyle modification supplies (e.g., journals, water bottles, healthy snacks,
food demonstrations) & Exercise classes
Learning materials (e.g., recruitment materials; office supplies)$155
ASF project funds$100
Project Funds Needed$634

Rahul Gaini

Description Amount
One-player games (i.e., Legos) for patient use in clinic $200
Total $200
Income: ASF project funds ($100)
Project Funds Needed $100

Amber Ingram

Description Amount
Transportation $100
Printing $50
Rewards ($20 per child) $500
T-shirts Free
Food $400
Miscellaneous (e.g., paint for rocks, posters, markers) $50
Total $1,100
ASF Project Funds $100
Project Funds Needed $1,000

Jessica McKenzie

Description Amount
Participant log notebooks + pens $150
Snacks for nutritional workshops (40 sessions) $600
Materials for group exercise sessions (yoga mats, water supplies, jump ropes, etc.) (6 sessions) $150
Incentives (grocery store gift cards, cooking materials, etc.) $400
Total $1,300
Donated items (notebooks and pens) ($150)
Contribution from Girls on the Run ($225)
Contribution from ASF project funds ($100)
Project Funds Needed $825

Jason Perry

Description Amount
Educational Materials    
Group Activity Supplies (est.) $100    
Printed Resources for students (est.) $100    
Portfolio Pad $10 x 10 students= $100    
Ties $15 x 10 students= $150
Session Costs    
Food for meetings (28 mtgs, est. $80/mtg.)  $2,240    
10 Mini-Grants ($50 per student) $500
Misc.    3 Celebrations (Celebrations est. $100) $300   $300
Total $3,490
Contribution from Birmingham Mayor’s Office Division of Youth Services ($2,500)
University of Montevallo Foundation (pending- $100)  
Contribution from ASF project funds ($100)
Project Funds Needed $890

Edgar Soto and Rachel Tindal

Description Amount
Application Fee Fund ($40 x 10) $400
Rolling cart to store program materials $35
Snacks for monthly group advising sessions with students (8 @ $20 each)
and for quarterly parent advising sessions (3 @ $20)
Supplies for program materials $60
Total $655
Income: ASF project funds ($100)
Project Funds Needed $555

*Some of the items above can be purchased from this Amazon Wish List

Larissa Strath

Description Amount
Groceries for classes $2,250
Total $2,250
Income: ASF project funds ($100)
Project Funds Needed $2,150

You can give online by selecting the Fellow whom you want to support. With your help, we can reach our goal!