Article Re-post from the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences

Written by Brian C. Moon – April 23, 2024

On April 13, 2024, at the 2024 Celebration of Service, the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (ASFof Alabama honored Dr. Lisa Gurley of Samford University’s Moffett and Sanders School of Nursing and Dr. Lemeshia Chambers of UAB’s Live HealthSmart Alabama with the 2024 Outstanding Academic Mentor and Outstanding Community Site Mentor awards, respectively. These awards, sponsored by the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), celebrate the significant contributions of these mentors to the ASF and their mentees. CCTS Engagement of Communities Program Director, Clifford Kennon was on hand to present the awards to the outstanding mentors for their achievements.

Engagement of Communities Program Director, Clifford Kennon, presented the CCTS-sponsored “Outstanding Academic Mentor” award to Dr. Lisa Gurley

Dr. Orlando Guitierrez, CCTS Co-Director, expressed his enthusiasm about the role of the awards in enhancing health equity and supporting career development in the health sciences. “The Center for Clinical and Translational Science is thrilled to recognize the immense value that Schweitzer Fellowship mentors provide to our scientific community through these two awardees. The CCTS seeks to elevate health equity by reducing the disproportionate burden of chronic diseases and the impact of adverse social determinants of health affecting the region. A critical lever for accomplishing this mission is supporting individuals who are more established in their careers–with expertise and experience to share–to mentor the next generation of translational scientists. This award was a natural way for us to demonstrate our commitment to supporting effective mentorship, particularly in a program that also mirrors other values our Center strives towards, such as community engagement, cross-disciplinary training, as well as leadership.”

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