New Albert Schweitzer Fellows Selected

By Caleb Jones, UAB School of Medicine

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UAB students Tanya Correya and Matthew Hudson, MS1s, were recently selected for the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

Albert Schweitzer Fellows are competitively chosen from students enrolled in graduate and professional schools around the state who demonstrate a passion for cultivating positive change in Alabama communities where the need is greatest. They come from a variety of academic disciplines and as Schweitzer Fellows, they work to address existing health disparities in their communities during the one-year fellowship.

While continuing their graduate studies, Schweitzer Fellows are required to design, implement, evaluate, and plan for the sustainability of community-based prevention and intervention projects that address the social determinants of health.

Schweitzer projects typically encompass a wide range of subjects including the physical environment where people live, early childhood literacy, exercise and nutrition, access to health care, and equity for minority populations.

Because Fellows are recruited from a wide variety of academic programs, they benefit from extensive interdisciplinary interaction, both with peers and mentors.