VISTA Job Opening

Interested in working to support the efforts of ASF Alabama? Applications are being accepted for a VISTA who would work to develop and expand opportunities for health professions students to understand and address health equity issues in their academic and future careers. This position is a joint appointment with the UAB School of Medicine.

More information can be found online:

In addition to duties with the UAB School of Medicine and the Equal Access Birmingham student-run free clinic, the VISTA would do the following for ASF of Alabama:

  1. Manage recruitment strategies of new fellows from local graduate schools, including but not limited to: collecting evaluation data of applicants and produce reports for Advisory Council, meeting with prospective students, scheduling interviews, and compiling acceptance or rejection letters.
  2. Assist with logistics and programming of ASF events, including orientation, monthly meetings, retreats, the Celebration of Service, and Fellows Fest
  3. Provide project support for Fellows, including tracking hours and program requirements
  4. Assist Executive Director in scheduling and planning meetings with fellows, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council
  5. Create content for social media and website to promote applications, current Fellows’ projects, Fellows for Life, and partners.

Applications are being accepted now and will be filled once a candidate is identified.